Pets As Therapy

Pets As Therapy (PAT) is a national charity and is unique in that it provides temperament assessed/vaccinated PAT dogs and PAT cats with registered volunteers to hospitals, hospices, residential care homes, day centres, special needs schools and many other establishments, providing comfort, companionship and therapy.

Pets As Therapy was founded in 1983. There are approximately 6000 active PAT visiting volunteer teams across the UK who would normally be visiting people in need of companion animal therapy. People who due to their circumstances cannot have access to a pet of their own.

When volunteers visit hospitals, it is not only the patients that receive this stress relief and escapism, it's also the front line staff; people who may have been witness to the most tragic and upsetting outcomes on a daily basis as "part of their job".

Total funds raised so far this year

Total funds raised so far: £15,106

With lots of great fundraising activities planned for the rest of the year!

VetPartners voted to support the charitable work of PAT for 2020. Covid-19 has severely impacted our ability to fundraise for PAT.


Therefore, we extended this support throughout 2021 and asked each practice to get creative with event planning and help raise as much as we can. 


Things we are doing to raise money: past, present,
and future

Our virtual trip to Italy

The VetPartners Central team undertook a trip to Italy (virtually of course) where we ‘visited’ our furthest Italian practice Clinica Veterinaria Costa D’Argento.


Which is approximately 1173 miles away.

CEO Jo Malone, director of regulatory and professional affairs Tim Shearman and equine director Julian Rishworth helped kick the team off.

To help cover the distance team members ran, walked (even with their dogs), swam, cycled, skied, horse rode or undertook other sports.

The team smashed the challenge, so then ended up doing a tour of our other Italian practices before making their way home.


Clinica Veterinaria Costa D’Argento helped “see us off” by starting the trip back with us.

They had regular updates on how far they had travelled and where they had reached, and the total raised was £1,001!


The Big Not Going Out Out (just yet) Quiz!

We held a general knowledge quiz for the group, where there was fundraising and laughs a plenty.

The event raised £284


The VetPartners Group - Portsmouth USA to York Central Office Strava Challenge

The event raised £3,167

Jo Malone, our founder and CEO, has at times faced some challenges due to her “knowledge” of geography. One of the most notable was her thinking Portsmouth was near Plymouth due to their postcodes both beginning with a “P” and then finding it difficult to travel quickly from one to the other…


So for our next group challenge, sadly Jo was in charge of the satnav and we ended up in Portsmouth in the USA, and needed to get back to VetPartners central office in York in time for the virtual congress; which was approximately 3139 miles.


All 16 of our regional teams set off and took to tracking their distance using Strava, where they recorded their distance whilst either just shopping in the supermarket, or on the morning school run, walking the dog and everything in between. Including one equine vet undertaking 10 marathons. This challenge also incorporated raising money for Vetlife equally.


Vetlife offer confidential and free advice for everyone in the veterinary community including veterinary nurses, students and non-clinical staff.

Recycling clothes bins

We have been trialling charity clothing bins in a few of our practices around the North East area and are currently now looking to go further afield across our group nationally.

The charity bins are currently supporting our charity of the year Pets As Therapy, and with each new charity we work with, the design of the bins and where the funds go will be changed to match.


The bins are a fantastic way to generate an income for our chosen charity, and this involves very little effort or leg work for additional fundraising.

We've had some really positive feedback already and each of the practices which have had these placed would highly recommend them.

Good news stories from our practices

We are incredibly proud of our practices undertaking these fantastic fundraising efforts to help support our chosen charity. Here are just a couple of things that our awesome teams have done.

John's Coast to Coast Cycle - Lytham to Scarborough

John Gilliver and Shelley from Gillivervet managed to undertake the Coast to Coast 160-mile cycle ride.


The event raised £1,685

Wood Veterinary Group's Tuck Shop

Wood Veterinary Group have provided a tuck shop throughout the year and so far, raised £1,157 which also helps keep the team there fuelled for the great work they do!

Looking ahead

We love to encourage the whole group to get involved with challenges and fundraising. Therefore, looking ahead we have on the horizon a virtual 5k walk/run and a quiz, to keep the fundraising ball rolling.

2019 charity - Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

In 2019 VetPartners supported Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, a fantastic charity that does invaluable work helping combat the loneliness and isolation deafness can cause.

Total raised  £15,423